Llandyrnog Shop

Shared ownership for the Community

Community Shops

We are looking to reclaim the Llandyrnog Village Shop for the community, adopting a tried and tested Community Benefit Societies (CBS) legal structure.

Community Shops in the UK


Long Term Survival Rate


Experiencing Sustained or Increased Turnover

Community Benefit Societies (CBS)

A CBS model is formed by open and voluntary membership, with a management committee drawn from members of the community. Members of a CBS have a genuine say in how the business is run, with a one-member-one-vote policy that we are looking to adopt.

Business who adopt a CBS structure are shown to attain positive community engagement, partly due to its invested members coming from the community itself.

The CBS legal structure is most popular amongst other Community Shops, indicating this is the right structure to consider for Llandyrnog Shop.

  • Community Benefit Society 70% 70%
  • Company limited by guarantee 12% 12%
  • Community Interest Company 8% 8%
  • Co‑operative Society 4% 4%
  • Unincorporated / Other / Unknown 6% 6%

Our Mission

Returning the hub of the community back to Llandyrnog.


The first phase of our mission is to fundraise enough funds to buy back the Village Shop and Post Office for the community of Llandyrnog.


The second phase of our mission is to revive the Village Shop and Post Office back to its former glory, whilst also introducing new services for the community.


The final phase of our mission is what we cannot wait to achieve – serving the community of Llandyrnog and surrounding areas with local produce and vital services, available to all.

Help restore the heart of community

With your support, we can help bring the Shop and Post Office back to Llandyrnog. We are initially looking to fundraise for the purchase of the shop and needed equipment. 

Statistics sourced from Community Shops: A better form of business 2021 report (Plunkett Foundation, 2021)